photographs and objects: remnants of everyday life. Some traces remained after encounters and collaborations. Others were created spontaneously in a carefree manner, without intention or meaning


series of painted sculptures placed in public space at Van Zeggelenbuurt Haarlem
porcelain, porcelain paint, earthenware, acrylic paint
various sizes
anonymous public collection

work t-shirt short sleeve

2013 - 2021
cotton, mixed materials on frame
unlimited edition in different materials and sizes
70 x 63 x 1,8 cm (h-w-d)

broken shelf

Broken shelf found in a waste container with rubble, Teding van Berkhoutplein, Haarlem, July 2012 (photo 1).
Photographed in my studio on August 12 (photo 2).
On display at an electricity box, van Zeggelenplein, Haarlem, since 12-08-2021.

Materials: wood, lacquer paint
Dimensions: 65 x 22,5 x 1,5 cm
Public property


Exploded bottle of Pur (polyurethaan) found by a passer-by on the construction site of a school building under construction at Jos Smolderenstraat, Antwerp, June 13 2021 (photo 1). A week later, on June 18, the school collapsed, killing people and causing massive havoc.
Photographed in my studio on July 16 (photo 2) and exposed it in the Zoniënwoud Forest Show in Brussels on July 23 (photo 3) during my Make studio at the Summer Academy of De Veerman and Destelheide, Dworp.

Materials: pur, pur gun (metal, plastic)
Dimensions: unknown
Public property

to drill holes

materials: chipboard, latex, pencil
dimensions: 19 x 2.5 cm (diameter x d)

drawings by Christiane

During United Objects, Christiane continued at home to draw on the backside of flyers and other unused paper. Every Thursday, she brought a pile of new drawings, and some were jewels. Her drawings remain part of United Objects as remnants.

united dots

I served the biscuit tin together with the audience full of dots during 1HOURshows in Ter Dilft cultural center, Bornem (B), 2018.
Materials: primer, permanent marker, paint on tin Dimensions: will follow later

Hanging on wall in studio, 2020

united squares

The table is completely drawn with squares in 'Public Studio in The Philharmonie'. Haarlem, 2017.
Drawings by 162 participants: Annemijk, Xara, Leontine, Joud, Mieke, A., Betty, Ronald, Elly Piers, M.G., Rina, D.K., Floor, Alan, Hanna, Nietske, Bodil, Saskia, Kiki, Janey, Nora, Loek, Maria, Hennie, Lidy Willems, Charlotte, Fabian, Charaf, Paul v. Os, Jitse, Teddie, Pippa, Wilma, Edizzy, Emma, Féline, Kiki, Christel, Heda, Antoine, Timo, Tanja, Isa, Camiel, Fadou, Angela, Maria, Rosalie, Jan, Jillz, Eva Kruisman, Nathan, Hanneke, Sil, Sanne, Ingrid Hamer, Marco, Jana, N-VC, Cathy (Keessie), Daantje, Kees, Caroline, Suzie, Ilona, Anlayla-out, Hans, Frank(s), Ernst, Lila, Annelies, Joyce, Heleen B.V., Hans, Merel Tiekstra, Machteld Duval, Lola Vrisekoop, Stella, Thaila, Tjalle, Retz, Annick, Puck, Bibian, Trudy, Nova, Annet B., Pippa, Fu Wei, Mina, Ellen, Wim, Loes, Paul S., Tien, Bob, Jenthe, Sebas, Elizabeth, Opa Wim, Marni Blom, Tineke, Vresia, Lieke, Thijn, Myra, Jitske, Nola Duijff, Mireille, Chris, Camilla, Hedwig, Fé, Titus, Lieke, Fiep, Marit, Annelies, Diny, Juna, Annelies, Tineke, K.S., Grien, Ger, Aschenbrenner, Louis, Floor, Jan, Arnold, Natanja, Koetje, Marjolein, Hans van Eerden, Dion, Wouter Kabbes, Marion, Gerjan, Jitse, Leonie Kinds, Daaf Kabbes, Papa, Jaap, Nyla, Jeroen, Simon, Peggy, Lianne, Daphne, Yimmiy, Thijs, Marion, Marije, Richard, Marieke, Teun, Pieternel van Kempen, Tara, Diana, Charlotte, Olivia, Max Freer.

Materials: wood, primer, permanent markers, lacker

Dimensions: 75 x 135 x 135 cm (hxwxd)
Hanging on the wall in studio, 2020

united squares

The table is completely drawn with squares in 'Public Studio in mall'. Haarlem, 2017. Video

Drawings by 77 people: Michael, Anna, Joud, Tijmen, Ingrid, Elvy, Lilian, Astrid, Jessica, Marja, Philippe, Bernd, Joke, Caspar, Jamie, Marjon, Marbou, Cassidy, Reinisha, Shenaira, Elena, Saji, Ayoub Oumaima, Jasmine, Sesil, Jane, Neil, Zula, Maartje, Wesley, Samira, Astrid, Thea, Thea, Marion, TD, Hans, Netty, 2Su !, Marre, Hilda, Sabrina, Ronald, Jani, Natalia, Esra, Rebecca, Sophia, Francisca, Iris, Ria, Geja, Netty, Carlijn, Khalid, Idmidl, Linda, Djandy, Israa, Zuhur, Namul, Charles de Boever, Danah, Jairi, Winnelien, Sara, Jada, Aisha, Rhemrel, Evi, Stanley, Ferra, Nikki, Dymphna, Michel, Bigikli Ali Nerseli

Materials: wood, primer, permanent markers, lacquer Dimensions 73.5 x 101 cm (H x diameter)

Hanging on the wall in De Veerman (with Katrien Oosterlinck), 2020


Found plank
(Burned) wood and street waste
Dimensions: 57,8 x 38,8 x 1,8 cm (HxWxD)


household cloth, paint on frame
Dimensions: 32 x 25 x 2.5 cm (HxWxD)


Table cloth, paint on frame
Dimensions: 130 x 110 x 2,5 cm (HxWxD)


Part of an underlayment (wooden) plank (wooden) used as a saw table top in renovations and for arranging exhibitions
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 1,8 cm (HxWxD)
Year of production: 2013 - 2019

Philosopher's stone

 i.c.w. Soek Zwamborn
Wooden cabinet, metal handles, paint, permanent marker, lacquer, unbaked clay
78.5 x 99 x 45 cm (HxWxD)

privat collection, The Netherlands

project Management

Used study book (Dutch language) for university of applied sciences students, written by Jan Verhaar. Image on cover and in book: ‘360˚ lecture Erasmus Bridge’ on 19 May 2004, Rotterdam

Copies: 30
Year of production: 2004-2016 Book, offset printing, third edition 2008, Boom educational publishing
Dimensions: 24 x 17,1 x 1,6 cm (HxWxD)
Signature Hans Bossmann: on 1st page


"Half an hour after the death of my father I put toy eyes on his face and took this picture. A man who is okay with that shows confidence in his son."

Copies: 3
Year of production: 2010-2015
Photo print and pencil on Hahnemuehle paper
20,5 x 36,2 cm

Photo lab: Coloron, Haarlem
Date photography: 14 July 2010
Location photography: Hertog Karellaan 7, Cuijk
Signature: pencilled on prints bottom

this isn’t there, Cuyk

photo print on Hahnemuehle paper
edition 3 /2AP
43 x 30 cm

wipe ballpoint pen while drawing

Ink on cotton om frame
dimensions: 30 x 27,3 x 1,8 cm (h-w-d)