are a constantly changing mix of exhibition, performance, workshop, lecture, private place, shop, café, meeting place and more, in one situation. Environments in which art lives and is in motion. Hans Bossmann works in the public space and invites passers-by to participate.

Artist for sale 9-9 tot 9-10-2022

Hans Bossmann is for sale for one or more days in which you do together with him what you did not think possible until now or did not dare. He asks: "What would you like to do or make if you could do and make anything you want?" (without committing a crime or harming anyone physically or emotionally)
Hans is present on September 10, 17, 23 and October 1 and 8 from 13 - 17h

Price per day
17% of your net monthly income or pocket money (+ start-up costs à €55 for basic materials and local transport) Calculation example for a net monthly income of € 2000: 17% of € 2000 = € 340 + € 55 starting costs = € 395 (incl. 9% VAT). The second and third day without starting costs. Discount possible for more than four days.

Artspace De Vishal - Kleine Zaal, Grote Markt 20, 2011 RD Haarlem

The world is Ours 2022

Hans Bossmann travels in August through Haarlem, the city where he lives, with a mobile studio. He invites passers-by to make street art together.

The Make studio (BE) 2021

The Make studio is a multidisciplinary studio in which participants Kris Philips, Karin Ryckaert, Katrien Smeyers, Hedwig Bogaerts and coach Hans Bossmann want to bring a smile to the faces of people in the street. And themselves too.
Four ladies and a coach became one artist: 3K+2H

Public interventions in a park, Koekelberg, Brussels (BE) Exhibition in Zoniën Forest, Brussels

Summer academy De Veerman and Destelheide, Dworp (BE), July 2021
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United Objects Antwerp (BE) 2019-2020

From September 2019 to August 2020, Hans is an artist in residence at De Veerman (production house for art, participation, and education), Antwerp (B).
The objects come from the philosophical 'Jaap Kruithof Collection' from the MAS - Museum of Antwerp. In thrift shops, the library, community centers, and in the MAS, Hans, passers-by, and visitors draw squares together on Ikeatafels, where Hans invites the public to take home a Kruithof object to draw on. The participants come to the MAS with the Kruithof-object-drawing for the 'Reunion of Kruithof objects' show (3rd photo). After this 2-hour show, the Kruithof objects will be left outside on the street in the center of Antwerp (4th photo). From then on, the Kruithof-objects-drawings face an unknown future. (Due to Corona, this part had to be postponed).

Hans writes stories about the meetings that take place. The stories are not yet available in English.

Thanks to support from De Veerman, City of Antwerp, NL Embassy Brussels, museum het MAS, 't Werkhuys, NOVA, Kringwinkel Antwerp, Permeke library and Oxot Antwerpen.
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A Small History of United Objects (BE) 2020

The show includes objects from United Objects Antwerp, drawn on with squares and lines, and previous projects. People also drew together on Ikea tables and 'Kruithof objects'.
Co NOVA, Antwerp (BE), October 2020

book United Objects Antwerp

United Objects Antwerp is portrayed in an edition of De Veerman. Texts by Tijl Bossuyt, Erik Hagoort and Hans Bossmann. Design: Gezeever. 100 pages full color, Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm. Dutch speaking.
Price € 25 incl. shipping costs. To order by sending an email to info@veerman.be. Download free pdf.

Also for sale at the De Groene Waterman bookshop and the MAS museum shop, Antwerp.

Art is public space 2019

Pupils from class 3 of the Latin School of Haarlem (NL) made an artwork, which they placed on the street during the exhibition, and then left there. 5 contemporary artists did the same.
Thanks to Stedelijk Gymnasium, Kunstlijn Haarlem, Rosa Sijben, Tessa Niemans, Eef Veldkamp, Jeroen Jongeleen, Maarten Bel.
The project has been made possible with generous support from Gemeente Haarlem, JC Ruigrokstichting, Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem en stichting squares, dots + lines.
September -november 2019.
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Self-portraits of Delfshaven 2019

This is a follow-up to Self-portraits of Het Oude Westen 2018. Together with Brecht Hermans and actors from Theater Babel Rotterdam (inclusive theater, we are touring in the Delfshaven district of Rotterdam with white XXL furniture. We invite people to draw on the furniture at 15 meeting places. The actors tell stories to the audience and meanwhile, we all get into a conversation. Brecht wrote portraits of the encounters in poetic short stories. You can find all the stories on the project website:

Special thanks to all the people from Theater Babel Rotterdam and the meeting places, Kunstblock, the VSB Fund, the Elize Mathilde Fund, Municipality of Rotterdam, Deltaport Donatiefonds. Mini documentary by A Small Production Company.
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Public Studio Brisbane (AU) 2019

Drawing squares with passers-by on small Ikea tables is a long-term project, started in Brisbane, Australia. Hans writes stories about the meetings that took place. The video is English spoken.
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Drawings of young pupils from CC ter Dilft, Bornem (BE) have digitally been merged by the teachers, into a large coloring page. Volunteers and visitors to the Odensehuis in Haarlem colored and framed it. Unveiling by councilor Marie-Thérèse Meijs on February 27, 2019.

United Squares, Dots + Lines 2018

Festival Parksessies takes Hans' work as a starting point for the design. Poster, program booklet, website and decor are developed and designed crowd-sourced.
The audience draws abstract patterns on life-size white decor pieces.
Thanks to De Vishal and Muijs-stationary store
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Self-portraits of Het Oude Westen 2018

Five weeks traveling through the Rotterdam neighborhood The Old West with theater maker Brecht Hermans. At 16 meeting places we draw abstract patterns on house objects with residents and visitors . We collect the personal stories told.
Live exhibitions of all the objects and stories in the neighborhood playground, in the WORM-Slash Gallery exhibition space and Museum Rotterdam. The 'Cupboard with names' has been included in the collection 'Real Rotterdam Heritage' by the museum.
Publication i.s.m REALmag. Minidocumentary by A Small Production Company.


Special thanks to: Joke van der Zwaard (Leeszaal West), Fund for Culture Participation, Foundation Bevordering van Volkskracht, Erasmus Foundation, REALmag, WORM, neighborhood newspaper Oude Westen, Oude Westen TV, all the people of the meeting places and Museum Rotterdam. 
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1HOURartshows Bornem (BE) 2018

In 1HOURartshows, artists themselves show a work of art to the public and passers-by. Artists recite their own work during one hour, act as the plinth of their work so to speak: artist and work become one.
1HOURartshows Bornem are organised to give an idea of the future art programming during the opening of the new culture building cc ter Dilft.
Participants amongst others: Kristof van Gelder, Katrien Oosterlinck, Christine Clinckx, Vaast Colson, Margot Dieleman, Rosa Sijben, Maarten Bel, Reinaart Vanhoe, Eef Veldkamp, Eline de Bruijn and 16 non-prof artists.
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We Are Public Studio 2018

This Studio supports the launch campaign of We Are Public, Haarlem. From the campaign hotspot on Grote Markt 15, Haarlem, activities are organized to recruit 500 members.
In the end, more than 900 people subscribed.

It is a communication tool, a studio, an exhibition, a meeting place, an open workplace, all in one.

Public Studios 2017

Hans moves his studio this summer and autumn into public space. He draws on furniture with passers by in a shopping mall, at a festival, Leeszaal Rotterdam West, a Philharmonie and other public places.
Hans says: "People can be reached always and anywhere through mobile technology and social media. But people need each other's company. Instead of consuming only, it's more nice to produce things together."
Up to now more than 700 people have already drew up to twenty pieces of furniture. Experience shows that this way of drawing creates easy encounters in which people listen closely to each other. On the other hand, it is a very relaxing activity. Participants are available in all sizes and colors: children aged 1 to older 99 year people from all corners of the world, rich, poor, healthy or limited. The furniture with drawings is an example of crowd-sourced design. They show the diversity of all these different participants in it

Assistants: Loes Pas, Saji Khazrai
Sponsors: Recycle Stores De Snuffelmug and Rataplan, Carpentry factory van Heerden, Muijs-office supply, Government Haarlem, Nieuwsgierig? and De Schalk coffee and gifts
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Hingene (BE) 2016 - 2026

Art project Red Jacket (Cultuurcentrum ter Dilft, Bornem) invited Hans Bossmann for two days to act as a guest artist. Hans laid stones from the parking lot on all the windowsills in the village of Hingene on 14-10-2016. Since then he has repeated it on the same day every year.
In 2027 a book and documentary about 10 years of stones in Hingene, will be published.

The Living Room of Haarlem 2016

The Living Room of Haarlem is a group show, a shop, a bar, a stage for music and poetry, a cultural center and a house including front garden and bedroom. Hans Bossmann lived and worked five weeks publicly as an embedded artist

Artspace The Vishal, Haarlem
More than 130 participants amongst others:
R. Engelen, M.Creed, J. Bey, K. Black, H. Peeters,
M. Schlatmann, J.M. Armleder, A. Kempenaar, S. De Groot,
F. Hovers, J. Monk, G. Förg, J. Hak, E. Veldkamp,
T. Möhlmann, N. Gieles, T. Bruinsma, S. Hubers, The Syrens, Carly E., M. Hijstek

July, August

View the RTV NH video or scroll down to the documentary by Mirjam van Veelen Film
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Documentary video The Living room of Haarlem 2016

About life in The Living room of Haarlem
Time: 4:50 minutes
Video: Mirjam van Veelen Films, 2016
Music: Carly E, J. Severin, J. Henneman
Photo's: videostills
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1HOURartshows Arnhem 2016

In 1HOURartshows, artists themselves show a work of art to the public and passers-by. Artists recite their own work during one hour, act as the plinth of their work so to speak: artist and work become one
1HOURartshows Arnhem are organised to create or intensify links between the ruru huis/ Sonsbeek’16_transACTION, socio-cultural institutions and participating artists: ‘Make friends, not art’

Six one-hour exhibitions at six different locations. Thirty plus artists participated after a open call, amongst others: vGtO, R. Nahawandi, M. Bosch, blondfabric-madebysoek, M. Hamwi,  E. Bossmann, C. van Lammeren, leden Ruangrupa, M. van der Worm, A. Arts, G. Rets, J. Jouwsma, E. Veldkamp

Spring and autumn

Photos by M. Alshahrour, R. Vanhoe, H. Bossmann,
E. Gonzales
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drawing club 2015 - 2016

Drawing club with (ex) refugees from Iran and Syria. In ‘relay drawing’ the participants pass on their drawing to the person next to them, who then continues the drawing. Drawing doesn't require one to understand each other's language

WonderkamersHaarlem, Haarlem
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1HOURartshows Haarlem 2015

In 1HOURartshows, artists themselves show a work of art to the public and passers-by. Artists recite their own work during one hour, act as the plinth of their work so to speak: artist and work become one

The reasons for organizing this 1HOURartshows:
1.   To link professional artists and their work in various genres and styles within an accessible exhibition concept

2.   To experiment with the boundaries of ‘indoor art’ within the public space

3.   To create goodwill for the work of artists in general and artists' society De Vishal in particular
Five friday-one-hour exhibitions from 4 – 5 PM at Grote Markt, Haarlem

Participants: K. Dullemond, E. Toorenent, S. Ojaghi, W. Faber, N. Willie, S. Blickman, Mobra, R. Jongeling, S. De Groot, I.Meijs, Ambro, blondfabric-MadeBySoek, H.Bossmann

May and June

Photos by M. Haringa, F. van der Erf
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public lecture 2015

'The necessity of a curious mentality', an interactive lecture that literally puts the downsides of 'focus' and 'speciality' to the test. What do you see when you look through a tube? You'll only see what you're looking for, nothing new or different

Public library at the Haarlem train station, Kennemerland Library

November 26

Photos by D. Cup

Jan Lul Goed Spul 2008

The Dutch slogan ‘Jan Lul Goed Spul’ has a somewhat negative yet humorous connotation, along the lines of ‘Danny Dork Quality Work’ or ‘Billy Bore Exciting Store’

Taking the opposite situation as a starting point is a common way of finding solutions. Which name has such a negative association that any passer-by will remember it? Car repair shop “Total Loss”, liquor store “Free Delirium incl.”, butcher shop “The Dog Butcher”. Pub “Free Beer Tomorrow”. It's not difficult to evoke negative connotations that are funny as well. The small business owner is afraid of getting a bad reputation, but any form of attention is profitable. Bad advertising is good advertising

Vehicle lettering on delivery van

The Netherlands

Spring, summer 2008

Philosopher's stone 2012 - 2016

Since 2012, Hans Bossmann has been joining forces with visitors and colleagues to make drawings and paintings on furniture. Each piece of furniture serves as a plinth for a sculpture that was made by an (anonymous) amateur artist or child. The furniture is shown and processed in various combinations

Say yes now! 2007

Positive protest that expresses how nice it is to study and work at the Inholland university of applied sciences

Pressure cooker assignment public event for Experience Management students, which is conducted in public spaces

Video by students Hogeschool Inholland Rotterdam

Editing: Pim

December 6

360˚ lecture Erasmus Bridge 2014

Public practical seminar in experience communication at the Erasmus Bridge for students at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences and passers-by. The seminar demonstrates the strength of experiences in communication and generates more than 125K in ad value (TV - radio - print - specialist press) for the university of applied sciences. All of the participants have an unforgettable experience

In collaboration with A.Dujardin en T.Peeters

May 19

Floor drawing 1996

Two-month period of working in public at a former chapel

Ballpoint on cotton and coating

Dimensions: 10 x 20 metres

Opening by writer G. Krol with auction of parts of the floor drawing

Artspace De Achterstraat, Hoorn

Photography by: M. Van der Worm

Henk = 0 2013

Participation in commemorative event because of death Henk Peeters
Initiated and organized by Topp & Dubio
With, amongst others others: Topp & Dubio, K. Schippers, D. van Kleef J. nephews / LPI, PJ Roggeband.
The Hague, April 20

Course/ workshops re-design 2011

Workshop as work of art, which sees participants using old articles to create something new. The course/workshops are not included in the exhibition programme, so that visitors to the exhibition and cultural heritage are optimally surprised

Artspace Kunstfort Vijfhuizen

Spring and autumn

ING oké 2009

Students encourage bank employees.
Pressure cooker assignment public event for Experience Management students at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, which is conducted in public spaces

Video by students among others: Dionne, Khalid, Suzanne, Leontine, Joshua, Ernesto, Benjamin, Mary, Patrick, Rob, Janet Zaira, Ayinda, Rens, Matthew, Stado, Devi, Rodney, Soraya, Robin

ING Zuidplein, Inholland Rotterdam

Daily Without News 1998

Newspaper without text and images. On Saturdays with a supplement without news. Presentation of pilot issue by H. Peeters. The newspaper has become news itself, a German and an English edition were published, the Day Without News took place as a one-off event. The newspaper was used by subscribers and readers for their own activities, such as reading it ostentatiously in the morning train or during an anti consumption day in Germany. The newspaper was discontinued in December

Fan and hate mail, photos and other memorabilia were brought together in the Documentary Exhibition Newspaper Without News

In 1999 the Daily Without News won the Award ‘Newspaper of the Year’ from the German based Internationale MedienHilfe

Stichting Stilte! Amsterdam, de Tilburgse Kunststichting, Tilburg

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TEF1Person 1996 - 2000

The Travelling Exhibition For 1Person is a group exhibition featuring works by 10-15 visual artists/ designers. The exhibition is not open to the public but can be staged in its entirety in a private home or room. Hosted every two months at another private address in the Netherlands or Belgium

Participants among others: Wasco, M. Ebinger, U. Metzler, L. Bedaux, M. Van der Worm, J. Jongeleen, R. Engelen, Silvia B., R. Vanhoe, J. Bey, P. Spaans, H.Bossmann, T. Schepens

Cliënt: Stichting Stilte! Amsterdam

Photos: the images photographed from the catalog
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Living in public 1982

Living room for one day

The quay of the Waal River, Nijmegen