selected interviews and publications about Hans Bossmann

2021 United Objects Antwerp

Publication with texts by Tijl Bossuyt, Erik Hagoort and Hans Bossmann.
Publisher: De Veerman. Design: Gezeever.
100 pages full colour. Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm.
Dutch speaking
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2020 United Objects Antwerp (BE)

ATV Antwerp - In de Buurt (In the Hood) Februari Presentation: Abigail Abraham
9:20 m
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2020 BK Informatie nr 6

An interview (Dutchspeaking) with Hans Bossmann by Hans Bossmann. Read it on the BK Info site

2019 Art is public space, Haarlem (NL)

Pupils from class 3 of the Latin School of Haarlem made an artwork, which they placed on the street during the exhibition, and then left there. 5 contemporary artists did the same. 
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2019 Documentary Selfportraits of Delfshaven, Rotterdam (NL)

Coproduction with Brecht Hermans and Theater Babel Rotterdam.
Video: A small Production Company. 5:45 m
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unveiling artwork Public Studio Odensehuis Haarlem 2019

 video by RTV 105. 3.01 minute
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2018 Documentary Selfportraits of Het Oude Westen

Video: A small Production Company, August
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2018 Ouden Westen TV, Rotterdam (NL)

From 05:20 - 08:18 
Broadcast 55, April 19th
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2018 REALmag publication

The editors of REALmag made a publication about 'Self-portraits of the Old West' within 24 hours.

2018 Buurtkrant Oude Westen

The Buurtkrant (neighborhood newspaper) reported about the project from April - July

2018 Embedded Artist

Artist statement, January
Video: CellaVie
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2017 Publication

  • The ruru huis book, R. Vanhoe.

The book is an archive of 1,5year activities in Arnhem for SONSBEEK'16 ruru huis served as a building platform before and during SONSBEEK'16 which has been curated by ruangrupa
Including 1HOURartshows Sonsbeek on page 26-29, 185-187, 380, 389, 405-406,
Including The Living Room of Haarlem on page 437-442
Onomatopee Publishers, Rotterdam
ISBN: 978-94-91677-78-6

2017 publication Public Studio Leeszaal West

Design: Karin ter Laak

2016 publications

  • Everything Okay? exhibitions catalog. Wereldkeuken Haarlem and Noord Hollands Archief Haarlem, September. Authors: M.Baretti, H.Bossmann
  • Over-the-top nonsense art, De Telegraaf, September 3. Author: M. Staffhorst
  • Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else - How Indonesian Art Initiatives Have Reinvented Networking. Page 87. Author: R. Vanhoe. Onomatopee 136
  • You don't have control over everything, Haarlems Dagblad, August 9. Author: N.Gieles
  • A man's head made of chocolate, August 6. Authors: T. Sipkes en J. Timmers
  • "Artwork in trash can- in the Vishal in Haarlem', NRC Handelsblad June 27. Author: editorial staff
  • Artwork thrown out with the trash at Vishal. Haarlems Dagblad. July 23. Author: L. Van Engelen
  • Hans Bossmann is pushing the boundaries. Haarlems Dagblad. July 11. Author: P. Lips
  • The Living Room of Haarlem, Pandora Magazine nr. 3, 2016. Author: R. Vermeer
  • Living room in The Vishal. Haarlems Weekblad, March 30. Author and photographer: W. Brand
  • The Living Room of Haarlem, blog Spaarnestroom, March 25. Author and photographer: R. van der Kruis
  • Making friends, Nieuwe Arnhemse Krant nr 12A, December. Author: E. Van der Vliet
  • 1HOURexhibition for the Koepel. Arnhem-West.NL. May 24. Author: editorial staff
  • Artists from Arnhem and the surrounding area exhibit their works for exactly one hour, bwarnhem 26 April. Author: webmaster
  • 1HOURexhibitions in Arnhem, Sonsbeek 2016. Website Eigen Arnhem April 19. Author: editorial staff
  • Artists exhibit 1 hour in Arnhem. De Gelderlander April 15. Author: editorial staff

2016 interviews

  • Documentary video about The Living Room of Haarlem. Director and editor: Mirjam van Veelen Films
  • The studio of …Hans Bossmann. HRLM stadsglossy July-August. Author and photographer: A. van der Meer
  • Video with interview about The Living Room of Haarlem. NH-RTV. Director and editor:: R. Flens 


  • 1HOURexhibitions Grote Markt Haarlem. Haarlems Dagblad, June 4.. Author: editorial staff
  • View art in one hour. Haarlems Weekblad, June 3.. Author:: M. Lennon


  • Esthetiques du livre vide. Author: T.Tremblay. Le murmure, Neuilly-les-Dijon
  • Hans' Cabinet of Wonder, Wijkkrant Amsterdamse buurten. December edition. Author: J. Verburg
  • Cabinet of wonder opened in Haarlem, Haarlems Dagblad March 3. Author: F. Zaagsma
  • A view in the Cabinet of Wonder by Hans Bossmann. Spaarnestroom Februari 26. Author: P.Lips


  •  Public 360˚ lecture at Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam. frontpage AD en Utrechts Nieuwsblad, RTL TV, some 30 publications in newspapers and (trade) magazines  


  • Travelling Exhibition For 1Person’ (TEF1P), amongst others Het Parool, Blvd, VARA, VPRO, NPS, AVRO & NCRV radio, AVRO TV, Wereldomroep TV and some 20 publications in newspapers and magazines   


  • Exhibition catalogue ‘Unsolicited printed matter and other forms of artistic generosity’, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Mariakapel, Hoorn. Curator and author: Tineke Reijnders et al
  • Exhibition catalogue ‘Re:ZERO=0’, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam. Authors: A. Saveur, E. Julianus
  • Basta – Yearbook Contemporary Art 1998. Centraal Museum, Utrecht. Authors: M. Jansen, S. Terra and R. Tjan


  • Zeitung Onhe Nachrichten – Daily Without News - Dagblad Zonder Nieuws. Some 90 publications in leading radio and television programs, newspapers and magazines in Europe