selected projects

2023 personal projects

  • "PINK de Thierrystraat" (environment and film), Haarlem, August-December
  • "Op Dreef met Zocher", Haarlem, April-December 
  • "Made with public" (selection of 10 years of working with public), artspace Arttelex, Antwerp, Belgium, March
  • United Objects Revisited, NOVA, Antwerp, Belgium, from April going on (project organized by public)
  • 'Hingene' (8), Hingene (BE). 14 October

2023 other projects

  • SECONDroom, “An Ideal For Living", Antwerpen (BE), June
  • 3 Public Peace interventions, Haarlem, September
  • "Color-drawing plate", Kunstlijn Haarlem, November

2022 personal projects

  • #vanzeggelenkunst, Haarlem, May-June
  • "The world is ours", Haarlem, August
  • Artist for sale, Haarlem, Artspace De Vishal, September
  • 'Hingene' (7), Hingene (BE). 14 October

2022 other projects

  • The smile project, part of Goldmakers Festival, Haarlem Noord, May-June
  • This art fair, Amsterdam, July

2021 personal projects

  • Open Creation Lab, Summer Academy Dworp / Brussels. commissioned by De Veerman and Destelheide. July 19-25
  • 'Hingene' (6), Hingene (BE). 14 October

2021 other projects

  • The 2nd Nieuwstraat Festival, Dordrecht. Curator and Producer: Unnoticed Art. On an unannounced day in May. With, among others, Annie Abrahams, Karina Beumer, Jessica van Deursen

2020 personal projects

  • Artist in Residence at De Veerman/ United Objects, Antwerp (BE) September 2019 - December 2021
  • 'Hingene' (5), Hingene (BE). 14 October

2020 other projects

  • United Objects in De Collectieve Collectie (Kristof van Gestel), De Warande, Turnhout (BE) Januari
  • Roadtrip Culture education by Publiq/ De Veerman, Antwerp (BE), October

2019 personal projects

  • Disclosure participated artwork at Odensehuis, Haarlem. Februari 27
  • Public Studio Brisbane, Australia. March 8-23
  • 'Self-portraits of Delfshaven', Rotterdam with Brecht Hermans and Theatre Babel Rotterdam. April 10 - May 20. At 15 meeting places in the neighborhood
  • Artist in Residence at De Veerman, Belgium. September 2019 - July 2020
  • Peace week 2019 Haarlem. Artwork in collaboration with Talal Shkeifah, September 22-29. The work travels in 2019-2020 to the 19 organizers of the Peace Week
  • 'Hingene' (4), Hingene (BE). 14 October
  • Public Interventions. Project in collaboration with Kunstlijn Haarlem 2019, Haarlem Stedelijk Gymnasium, Maarten Bel, Tessa Biemans, Rosa Sijben, Eef Veldkamp and Jeroen Jongeleen, 2-3 November

2018 personal projects

  • 'We Are Public Studio', Haarlem' at Ter Dilft Cultural Centre in Bornem, Belgium. 5, 6 and 7 January
  • '1HOUR exhibitions' and 'Depot / Studio' at Cultural center ter Dilft in Bornem, Belgium. 27, 28, 29 April
  • 'Self-portraits of Het Oude Westen', Rotterdam with Brecht Hermans. May, June, October. At 15 meeting places in the neighborhood, WORM-Slash gallery, Museum Rotterdam
  • Purchase 'Namenkar' by Museum Rotterdam
  • 'United Squares', Festival Parksessions, Haarlem. July 19-22
  • 'Hingene' (3), Hingene (BE). 14 October
  • Public conversation with Frénk van der Linden, Kunst centrum Haarlem. October 20th

2018 other projects

  • Members exhibitions De Vishal, Haarlem. September, November
  • 'Children's art line', Museum Haarlem, Haarlem. November, December

2017 personal projects

Public Studios:
  • 'Hingene' (2), Hingene (BE). 14 October
  • Shopping center Schalkwijk, Haarlem. May - October
  • Leeszaal West Rotterdam, Rotterdam. July 4-8
  • Festival Parksessies, Haarlem. July, August
  • Philharmonie, Haarlem. September 8-9

2017 other projects

  • Members exhibitions De Vishal, Haarlem. September

2016 personal projects

  • 1HOURexhibitions ruru huis/ Sonsbeek 2016, Arnhem. Six Saturdays from 13:00-14:00 PM
  •  The Living Room of Haarlem, De Vishal, Haarlem. July, August

2016 other projects

  • 'Hingene' (1). Guest participant - ‘Red Jacket’, Ter Dilft Cultural Centre, Bornem, Belgium. 14 15 October. Featuring V. Colson, D. Rabreau, R. Vanhoe and others
  • Everything Okay?- Project by and about Wereldkeuken Haarlem, Noord Hollands Archief Haarlem. With among others: S. Khazrai, A. Hessami , M. Hamwi, M. Baretti, N. Ramdjas, M. Twaalfhoven, A.Benali, Orchestre Partout

2015 personal projects

  • Stone nature, the Philharmonie Haarlem i.a.w. De Vishal Haarlem. May
  • 1HOURexhibitions, Grote Markt, Haarlem. Five Fridays from 16: 00-17: 00 PM in May and June
  • Public lecture 'The necessity of a curious mentality', Public library at the Haarlem train station, November 26
  • Drawing club with (ex) refugees from Iran and Syria. Sunday mornings from January to July

2015 other projects

  • ‘Fish auction’, exhibition with auction of works from members of artists society De Vishal, Haarlem

2014 personal projects

  • Farewell my dear colleagues, Vessel 11, Rotterdam
  • Drawing club with (ex) refugees from Iran and Syria. Sunday mornings November - December
  • Opening event WonderkamersHaarlem, Haarlem, 1 maart
  • Competition to create a text for display on the WonderkamersHaarlem van

2014 other projects

  • ‘Kunstlijn Haarlem’, WonderkamersHaarlem, Haarlem, november. With MadeBySoek en R.Paape

2013 personal projects

  • Public Studio' in thrift store De Schalm
  • Public debate on the closure of De Schalm, ‘De Schalm must be saved’

2013 other projects

  • ‘Henk = 0', participation in commemorative event because of death Henk Peeters. Initiated and organized by Topp & Dubio, Den Haag, 20 april. With among others: Topp & Dubio, K. Schippers, J. Neefjes/LPI, PJ Roggeband, D. van Kleef

2012 personal projects

  • Workshop as work of art. Two re-design courses as part of current exhibitions at Artspace Kunstfort Vijfhuizen. Spring and autumn
  • Build your dream home, workshops, University of Applied Science Inholland, Rotterdam, Den Haag, 2007-2012
  • 'Feel the city’, workshops, University of Applied Science Inholland, Rotterdam, Den Haag, 2007-2012

2009 personal projects

  • Jan Lul Goed Spul, van, The Netherlands
  • ING Oké, public event, University of Applied Science Inholland, Rotterdam

2007 personal projects

  • ‘Say yes now!', Positive protest at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences December 6, 2007

2004 personal projects

  • Public 360° lecture at the Erasmus Bridge. In collaboration with A. Dujardin and T. Peeters. 2 May

2000 personal projects

  • Concept and production of the Travelling Exhibition for 1Person, Stichting Stilte! Amsterdam. 2006-2000, The Netherlands and Belgium

1999 personal projects

  • Collected subsidy applications 1989 - 1999. Launch at artspace W139. Gallery Metis, KunstRai art fair, Amsterdam

1998 personal projects

  • Daily Without News - Zeitung Ohne Nachtlichten – Dagblad Zonder Nieuws, ‘Stichting Stilte!, Amsterdam and Tilburgse Kunststichting, Tilburg. Distribution area: Europe

1996 personal projects

  • Floor drawing, artspace De Achterstraat, Hoorn

1982 personal projects

  • Living in public, Waalkade Nijmegen

1981 personal projects

street eksposition, Nijmegen, winter